Empowering Ethiopians in Partnership

Partners in the Horn of Africa works in Ethiopia, the largest country in the “Horn of Africa”, focusing on the areas of greatest need. We work with communities in remote areas of Ethiopia, focusing our work in regions where others do not reach. Our projects respond to community requests, addressing needs for education, basic infrastructure, gender equality, food security, and sustainable livelihoods.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Partners Cessation of Operations in 2017

UPDATE DEC 2016:  We will continue to operate fully and accept donations until at least June 30, 2017 for ongoing projects – we appreciate your continued support!

After much deliberation our Board has decided that 2016 will be our last full year of operations although we will be completing projects into 2017. We are incredibly proud of what we have been able to accomplish with your help. However, every creative enterprise has a natural life cycle and we believe our cycle is almost complete. Over the next year or so we will wind up operations in a professional and orderly way. Partners will finish all of its current projects and it will be business as usual for at least another year.

Our financial reserves will go a long way towards covering the costs of the next year of operations. But we are hopeful that many of our donors will continue to support our work for another year allowing us to provide extended notice to our Ethiopian ‘partners’ who operate on-going projects such as group homes, orphanages and school subsidies. This will allow them more time to find alternate sources of funding.

Click here to read the full bulletin from our Board of Directors