Our Autumn 2017 Newsletter


While most of our construction projects are now complete, Partners in the Horn of Africa will continue operating in Canada into 2018 so that we can support our group homes and allow the young women in residence to graduate from high school or complete their nursing or teacher training. We will also fund one more year of AEID’s OVC program (see Page 6 article) and Bethel Group Home. Bethel provides crucial and loving care for 21 vulnerable children who were abandoned, often in the first hours or days of their lives, but found safety in this unique Home. We will keep you updated on our website, by email and Facebook. Donations to Partners are still welcome and will be put to good use.


On this, our 16th anniversary, articles in our final newsletter reflect on many of the projects you have funded over the years and include a tribute to John Baigent.

There is one area however that is not mentioned and, although it is not as engaging, in many ways it is as significant as any of our projects. I am speaking of capacity building of the Ethiopian NGOs with whom we partner. Our motto has always been “Helping Ethiopians help themselves” and this is very much the case with capacity building.

Capacity building accounted for a very small percentage of our budget but we believed this contribution had the potential to achieve results that would endure long after our presence in Ethiopia had ended. The goal was to improve the institutional and project delivery capacities of our partner Ethiopian civil society organizations. To achieve this end we covered the salaries of some core staff for a fixed period and provided training through workshops that improved our partners’ project planning, proposal writing and reporting skills as well as their monitoring and evaluation capabilities. Another element of our support was experience sharing and exposure visits.

Unlike a bridge that we can see people safely crossing or schooling that leads to students graduating, the success of our capacity building endeavors is more difficult to measure. But just this month we heard from Afro Ethiopia Integrated Development, one of our long-time partners, who was a participant in our capacity building projects. Shimeta, the Executive Director, wanted to let us know that Afro Ethiopia had been one of many applicants in a competition by USAID to create an evolving pool in Ethiopia of capable local implementing organizations to partner with. USAID, created by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, is the lead US government agency that works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential. The successful applicants had to have strong management and implementation systems. Afro Ethiopia was one of the very few accepted by USAID to receive 12 to 18 months of management capacity technical support! Shimeta credited Partners with this achievement for having helped to build the capacity of Afro Ethiopia during many years of project implementations. “Long live Partners!” said Shimeta.

There is no better result we could have hoped for from our capacity building than this – a partner with an expanded network who has benefited from our assistance but will succeed on its own terms. Shimeta wrote to thank Partners but the thanks should go to you, our donors, whose support made all our achievements possible. Together in a modest way we have changed the world.

Betam Ameseginalehu!
በጣም አመሰግናለሁ!

We have been fortunate to have faithful and committed donors over our 16 years. This support is invaluable and we are ever more grateful for it as we look at our plans for cessation next year. Through your donations, Partners has made it possible for new opportunities to be within reach in Ethiopia! And we hope you will choose to continue supporting Partners in the Horn of Africa’s work, our partners and its beneficiaries in Ethiopia.


by Partners in the Horn of Africa