12th Annual Great BIG Run for Africa - Saturday September 24, 2016


What is the Great BIG Run for Africa?

The Great BIG Run for Africa was conceived in 2004 when Alison Moscrop, a Kelowna woman, travelled to Ethiopia to see first-hand the projects that Partners in the Horn of Africa was doing to fight poverty in Ethiopia. One day, awoken in the early morning by the sound of hundreds of people running along the streets of Addis Ababa, she learned that many people in the country participate in races barefoot or in whatever shoes they own just for the love of running.  Upon her return to Canada, she wanted to create a fundraiser that would incorporate running to support Partners’ projects. In 2005, The Great BIG Run for Africa was born when Stephanie Moore and Crystal Flaman, both runners and friends of Alison suggested they would run 100km to raise awareness and funds for Ethiopia. Now, 12 years later, the run has raised over $170,000 and has changed thousands of lives in Ethiopia. This year we would like to extend the run to ALL our supporters in Canada and USA.

“Now I am not ashamed to be a girl. Thank you!” Tigist is the a top student at Merawi School.

“Now I am not ashamed to be a girl. Thank you!” Tigist is a top student at Merawi School.

Why are we Running?

It is widely recognized that girls’ education is one of the most effective means of development not just for girls themselves but for communities and wider society. Improving girls’ education raises maternal health, reduces child mortality, improves nutrition within the home, decreases early marriage and early pregnancy and increases the potential workforce and opportunities for economic growth. For girls in Ethiopia, missing school during their period is common. The United Nations Children’s Fund says 1 in 10 African girls skip school during menstruation and some drop out entirely because they lack access to sanitary products. The Women in Self-Employment (WISE) and Partners in the Horn of Africa have produced sanitary pads since 2008 in Addis Ababa and reach 10,000 girls in rural schools. The aim of this project is twofold: reduce school absenteeism among girls related to menstrual health, and empower WISE women cooperatives to generate an income from producing pads for schoolgirls. To this end, this year’s Great Big Run for Africa will raise awareness and funds for girls and women in Ethiopia and 100% of money raised will go to this project.

How can you participate from your community?

Anyone in Canada and the USA can join us on Saturday September 24th right from their own community. You can run, walk or cycle by making a pledge and registering your team. Partners will connect runners with other participating runners in your community.

Why is this important?

Just $150 can help 10 Ethiopian girls and young woman continue their education with dignity and confidence. Imagine the impact you can make to deserving girls like Tigist.

Save the Date!

Saturday September 24, 2016 local runs will be held in Enderby and Kelowna, BC – but you can run wherever you are! Get a group together or get pledges to run on your own…every penny counts.

If you would like to hold your own run, run yourself, support a runner or simply want to donate, please contact Partners in the Horn of Africa at info@partnersinthehorn.org or call us at 250-838-2111.

Great Big Run 2009 - Pic 1


Great Big Run 2009 - Pic 2