Partners Cessation of Operations in 2017


UPDATE DEC 2016:  We will continue to operate fully and accept donations until at least June 30, 2017 for ongoing projects – we appreciate your continued support!

Partners Cessation of Operations

We imagine that donors will have received our Bulletin by mail or email with regard to our cessation of operations by now and the Bulletin is also provided on this website (see below). I know that we are all saddened by this news and many donors are wondering where they go from here. We are proud that so many Canadians understand the needs in Ethiopia as a result of our work and are grateful for the confidence you have placed in us. The reality is that many of our directors have been at this for 15 years. Some are retiring from work and others are retiring from full-time volunteering. In our view this is an opportune time to end Partners in a professional and compassionate manner.

Ending a story that has involved the development of deep and lasting relationships with Ethiopian partners in the areas of orphanages, education support and group homes for girls has to be done with the utmost respect for the work that they do and for the people whose lives they enrich. Some of those relationships will come to a natural end at some point in 2016 but others will require more time as they search for new forms of support and funding.

We hope that our donors will continue to stand with us to support these Ethiopian partnerships and their programs into 2017 allowing them the time necessary to explore other sources of funding and continue with their good work in our absence.

It may also be possible for us to recommend to our donors other charities doing similar work in Ethiopia so that those donors have a path forward in helping Ethiopians

We ask you to please continue your support through this year and 2017.

On behalf of the Board thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping Partners to empower the people of Ethiopia.


April 25, 2016

For 15 years Partners in the Horn of Africa has raised and channeled more than $10M into 350 projects which have dramatically improved the lives of Ethiopians. During that time Partners pioneered a new model of assistance that treats Ethiopians as “partners”, requiring them to share in the costs of projects and, in return, we share decision making with them. Our focus has been empowerment. It has been a privilege to work with the wonderful people of Ethiopia. We thank all of you who have made our work possible.

John Baigent, Director


On behalf of the Board of Directors of Partners in the Horn of Africa I want to advise you of some recent developments. After much deliberation our Board has decided that 2016 will be our last full year of operations although we will be completing projects into 2017. We are incredibly proud of what we have been able to accomplish with your help. However, every creative enterprise has a natural life cycle and we believe our cycle is almost complete. Over the next year or so we will wind up operations in a professional and orderly way. Partners will finish all of its current projects and it will be business as usual for at least another year.

Our financial reserves will go a long way towards covering the costs of the next year of operations. But we are hopeful that many of our donors will continue to support our work for another year allowing us to provide extended notice to our Ethiopian ‘partners’ who operate on-going projects such as group homes, orphanages and school subsidies. This will allow them more time to find alternate sources of funding.

Although Ethiopia will continue to require developmental assistance in the foreseeable future, we are confident that we have been part of creating awareness in Canada of the needs of Ethiopia that will continue to foster support long after Partners is gone.

We will be communicating with you further in the coming months as we develop our plans. We may also be identifying other charities that can deliver the kind of projects which you have supported over the years and which you may wish to consider supporting in the future.

It is our commitment to you our donors that we will continue to be good stewards of your donations, that we will treat our dedicated staff in Canada and Ethiopia respectfully and fairly and that we will provide an appropriate timeline for our Ethiopian ‘partners’ and other stakeholders to make their plans for the future given these changes.

As you know our Annual General Meeting is being held on May 26 in Vancouver. We plan to use this opportunity to celebrate all that we have accomplished together and to thank you, our loyal donors, for your commitment to the people of Ethiopia. We hope that you will join us in this celebration.

Marguerite Jackson
Chair, Board of Directors

by Partners in the Horn of Africa