Raffaele Teodonno (1965-2015)

Raffaele Teodonno - Scenic Falls

We are saddened to let you know that Raffaele Teodonno (age 49) passed away suddenly on July 7th in Enderby. Raffaele had been the Executive Director for Partners in the Horn of Africa since May 2014. He leaves behind his wife Daniela and five children: Dalia, Marta, Lorenzo, Julie Ashley and Daniele. A funeral was held in Latina, Italy on July 25th with his family and Italian friends.

Raffaele had improved the lives of many people around the world with the UN, several small Italian NGOs, World Vision Canada and then Partners. He was a kind, thoughtful, humble and inspiring person. He was easy to like and had such diverse passions as music, politics and equality, and surprisingly, American Football and the Cincinnati Bengals (since his late teens in Italy). Raffaele had made many fast friends here in Enderby and in the wider Partners circle, and will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Daniela and the family with this tragic loss.

by Partners in the Horn of Africa