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Ethiopia 2014 by John Niddrie - 1127

We have an exciting new website – more visual, more collaborative, more stories and better on mobile devices. And the good news is that it was done entirely by volunteers. Special thanks to web developer Chris Hanus and photograher John Niddrie. (This photo by John Niddrie)

Chris Hanus of Vancouver has kindly donated many hours to create our new partnersinthehorn.org website. Chris is a seasoned internet marketing specialist with a proven track record of creating demand for products and services. He developed and managed a website for one of Oprah’s TV protégés, generating over two million page views per month. His passion for the romance of the rails is revealed on his website wayoftherail.com which publishes printed guides to North American railway journeys. Also available is Chris’ own book “Canada by Train: The Complete VIA Rail Travel Guide”.

John Niddrie is retired Rocky Mountain Park Warden and photographer based in Invermere, BC (in the East Kootenays south of Golden) who has a recently developed passion for Ethiopia and is excited to support Partners by allowing us to use his wonderful photographs of Ethiopia and it’s people on our website and in communications with our supporters. Check out his exciting images at johnniddrie.com – a donation to Partners will be made for any images of Ethiopia that he sells.

by Partners in the Horn of Africa

  • http://www.facebook.com/micda.org Fekadu Kebede

    Happy New Year to all PiHA Board of Directors’, staffs,
    volunteers and kind heart Canadian fellows. May the New Year be a year of
    success to all of us in our endeavors. I am happy that PiHA is emerging with
    new and radiant website that is more inclusive and broad based.

    I would like to express my appreciation with respect to the
    newly designed web site; it is more impressive than the previous one. Mission
    for Integrated Community Development Association (MICDA) is one of the
    organizations operating in collaboration with PiHA in Oromiya Regional State.

    We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the people
    of Canada, PiHA Board of Directors, staffs and volunteers for their kind
    support extended to our people. In this
    incidence, we would like to invite you to visit http://www.facebook.com/micda.org to view
    some of our projects that we have implemented in partnership with PiHA and the
    local community.


    Fekadu Kebede

    Executive Director ,MICDA