WISE’s Akaki Women Entrepreneurs Development Project


WISE, Organization for Women in Self-Employment, is one of our stronger partners in Ethiopia. They organize very successful programs to train and support women in Entrepreneurship/ Business, Leadership and Management, Health-Education and Self-Development. At WISE, courses are scheduled mostly on a half-day (3 hours/day) basis to give trainees time to discharge other responsibilities, such as household chores and business. All courses, except vocational skills, are delivered by in-house resource persons. These in-house resource persons are skilled in adult teaching methodologies and use participatory techniques of facilitation.

Participants are poor women and girls which are provided with basic business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to improve their livelihoods. The course motivates those who are not gainfully employed, or have no experience in micro business management to join the self-employment work force. For those with experience in micro business management, it offers them a chance to review their experience and gain new knowledge. In 2014, 160 new members are being trained and added to the program, which already supports over 1400 women from the region surrounding Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

by Partners in the Horn of Africa

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